Experience Matters

Yes, of course, anyone can record a live event but the use of a cell phone or tablet or laptop is never a good idea if you care about the quality and your Guest’s Viewing Experience.

Here are 2 serious reasons why using a cell phone or webcam is a terrible idea when live streaming an event if you care about your guest’s viewing experience.

Problem #1:

No Zoom Lens = Poor Quality Streams.

Cell phones and webcams use wider-angle lenses that leave your guests feeling isolated from your intimate event. Do not depend on newer mobile devices with a secondary “zoom lens” because it will not give you the best close-up shots that you need. Unless you want the person recording to be holding the phone right up in your face during your Ceremony, it’s a bad idea.

Pinch-to-zoom is also not an ideal solution because it only further degrades the image.

The more you pinch-to-zoom on a mobile device, the worse the video looks. And that will only be compounded by the compression put upon the video when it’s streamed live.

The built-in microphone is also not enough to provide high-quality sound and audio. You really need professional equipment.

Our Solution?

Hire us and let us do the job professionally for you. We have all the right lenses and equipment needed to zoom in and capture the emotions and the best mics to capture the audio. Your Live Stream will be like a movie clip because of our equipment and additional use of drones at your request. Using a zoom lens on a mirrorless camera will greatly increase the quality of your live stream vs using a cell phone and trying to zoom in digitally. By zooming in, you’ll look better, and your guests will be more engaged.

Problem #2

Cell Phones = Poor Audio

If your guests can’t hear the Live Stream and you can’t hear the sound when you’re trying to watch the recording, it’s a lost cause. Be prepared to have disappointed guests and a poor-sounding recording of your event. Audio is always more important than video quality.

The Solution?

Hire us to make sure you get the sound right. Please your viewers by choosing professionals. We always produce a high-quality production, and we want you and your guests to have this experience too for your special wedding day or upcoming, big event.