Experience Matters

These days anyone can record a live event. But the use of a cell phone, tablet or laptop is never a good idea if you care about the quality of your guests’ viewing experience.

Here are two reasons why View LiveStream is the better option.

Reason #1

Professional Zoom Lens = High Quality Streams.

Cell phones and webcams use wider-angle lenses that leave your guests feeling isolated from your intimate event, and the secondary “zoom lens” of newer devices only serve to provide blurry and grainy “close-up shots” from a distance. Also, one device would be unable to capture the angles and true essence of the occasion.

On one of the most important days of your life, you want the focus to be on what matters, not having your guests trying to guess who is who from a poor-quality video.

At View LiveStream, we have all the right lenses and equipment needed to zoom in and convey the emotions of your event. With the additional use of drones, zoom lenses on mirrorless cameras and numerous camera angles, the quality of your live stream will be sure to delight you and your online guests, and make certain you look your best.

Reason #2

Professional Mics = Great Audio Quality

If your guests can’t hear the audio of the cell phone or tablet as you stream, and you can’t hear the sound when you’re trying to watch the recording, it’s a lost cause. Unfortunately, the built-in microphones on most devices lack the capacity to reproduce high-quality sound and audio. Be prepared to have disappointed guests and a poor-sounding recording of your event.

The View LiveStream Team, however, does everything in their power to get the sound right. We always produce a high-quality production, which you and your guests can enjoy on your special day and for years to come.

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