• Are there any payment requirements?

Yes, all clients pay a minimum fee to hold the date and to initiate the creation of their personal page and stream links.

  • What happens if we want unplanned, additional coverage on the day of the event?

Unplanned coverage is available for overtime charges or if we arrange it ahead of time, it can be included in the package.

  • What happens to the video if the weather is bad?

We have coverings for camera equipment that allow us to continue streaming, if necessary, in light rain.

  • Can you use Zoom to host our wedding?

We prefer to stream to YouTube but if you want it streamed to Zoom, there will be an additional charge for setup and management of it.

  • Do you offer photography too?

No, we do not offer photography, but we have partnerships with multiple photographers that offer excellent services. The photo offering in our package is toward the slide show for the wedding stream and your customized landing page. We usually outsource the photoshoots to our partners, but we can also provide this service if necessary (for slide shows only).

  • How many hours does your package cover?

Our minimum package covers at least 1 hour of streaming services. However, this can be extended to as much as you need.

  • After the wedding is over, do we get a copy of the stream?

Yes. We edit and do final adjustments to the video if necessary before we deliver it. A downloadable link will be made available for you to access a copy of the wedding stream.

  • Are we going to be able to hear the bride and groom clearly?

Absolutely! We attach mics to the wedding officiant and the groom. The mic on the groom will pick up the voice of the bride. If available, we may also choose to use the mic supplied by the audio professional that is doing the sound for the entire event.

  • How long is the streaming going to be up on your website?

There is no set limit for how long it will be kept on the website. We encourage you to leave it up so that you can continue to share it with as many friends and family as you wish. However, please take advantage of the downloadable link to have a copy of the Live stream for your safekeeping.

  • What is the advantage of more than 2 cameras?

There are so many advantages of having more than 1 camera to film your wedding. Having multiple cameras allows us to have multiple angles. From capturing the bride and groom to the glimmer of the rings to the overhead shot of you walking down the aisle with our drone, we have you covered!

We do not offer a 1 camera packages because having multiple angles make your Live Stream more beautiful and professional. It allows us to tell the story of your wedding day in a spectacular way!

  • How do we book you to cover our Live Stream?

You can book directly through our website by clicking the Contact Us button and filling out the event details. If you wish you can also contact us via WhatsApp, (246) 230-4038.